Dyslexia Schools Consultancy

Is your child dyslexic or does your child have reading and/or learning difficulties? Are you struggling to find a suitable school for them? Sadly your experience is all too common. In many countries around the world dyslexia is not well understood and schools do not have the awareness, expertise or resources to support students with dyslexia.

What makes this particularly frustrating is that dyslexia is a neurological difference which does not affect intelligence; famous dyslexics include Albert Einstein and Thomas Jefferson. Many dyslexic students are very creative or entrepreneurial. They just need schools which understand and can support their dyslexia in order for them to achieve in education.

Fortunately a number of UK boarding and day schools have excellent support for students with dyslexia and special educational needs so that they can achieve their true potential.

We have a strong interest in dyslexia and SEN issues. Using our expertise and experience Apperley education can help you search for UK independent schools that can help your child to flourish.

For all education related enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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