UK Boarding Schools

British boarding schools are famous throughout the world for their academic excellence, small classes, and for many of the pupils going on to top universities. British boarding schools do offer many other advantages beyond academic success. Their excellent extracurricular activities allow pupils to follow their own interests, often leading to sporting, musical, artistic and other achievements. Moreover many schools have strong ethoses and traditions, which develop their students' characters and give them skills not only for the classroom, but for their careers and wider-life.

Overview of British Boarding Schools

Many of Britain’s boarding schools take some students from the age of three, but the majority of boarding students in the UK are of secondary school age (12-18 years old).

Most British boarding schools are mixed, but have separate accommodation blocks, called boarding houses, for boys and girls. If however you are seeking a single sex boarding school for your son or daughter, there are still many to choose from.

Boarding school fees include both teaching and the cost of students’ accommodation and food. UK boarding school fees vary from school to school, depending on a range of factors, but the average cost of a boarding school place in 2015 was £30,369.

Boarding school students generally take GCSEs at age 16 and A-levels at age 18. However, some boarding schools offer the International baccalaureate, as an alternative to GCSEs and A-levels.

How Can Apperley Education Help?

With around 2600 UK fee-paying independent schools including 500 boarding schools trying to decide which school best meets your family circumstances, and the abilities, personality, and interests of your child can be a difficult decision. Apperley Education can give you advice on your choices, help search for the right school for your child, and assist you every step of the admissions process.

We were looking over the internet regarding boarding schools in the UK for our daughter Adel. Apperley Education was the one who took care about the matter very professionally. Within a very short time, they had organised an interview with the different boarding schools in the UK over Skype. Apperley Education spent a lot of time in order to find a right school which would suit our needs. Thanks to Apperley Education, our choice was correct, a lovely school with very nice staff who educate in a very professional way.

--Veliyevs family, Barcelona, Spain

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